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      In Greek, Avyssos (Abyss) is used to describe the deepest and darkest parts of the soul, the sea and, in some cases, the sea itself. Dark, frightening, mysterious but also inviting, endless and alive.

      To us, Avyssos means the depth which divers have been drawn to for generations, heeding the call of their most basic instincts of discovery and exploration, constantly pushing the limits of human ability and touching the impossible. 

      The Avyssos is a rethought and redesigned tool watch, made to be worn and beaten relentlessly, all in a timeless, elegant, utilitarian package while combining our two major inspirations on its unique dial. The Antikythera Mechanism and the legendary kampanelopetra technique of Greek sponge divers.

      The stainless steel body, scratch proof sapphire crystal, the 30ATM/300m depth, the hand-wound movement and the re-designed hollow see-through case back make this a formidable companion for every modern diver.